3 Bin worm farm

Cross sectional diagram of  our Three Bin Composter

“Why start a worm farm? A fisherman might become a worm farmer to simply raise worms for fishing bait, but the more likely motivation these days, would be to convert organic waste directly into compost, using a process known as vermiculture or vermicomposting to make a rich organic fertilizer for the garden or for pot plants”. 



3 Worm farms


(Mosquito netting is for keeping out flying pests)


This website is dedicated to all  fellow worm enthusiasts around the world – to both the beginner in vermiculture and also to the old hand at worm farming. Whatever your knowledge, you are guaranteed to find something of use in these pages. The beginner will be able to find how to set up a cheap, easily assembled DIY worm farm and then everything he/she needs to know about  succesfully establishing the wriggly darlings in their own little paradise and keeping them healthy. What about setting up a worm farm with a child? For the more  experienced in worm composting, there are handy tips on making money from your worm farming enterprise, a useful technical dictionary, Worm Terms explaining all the fancy terminology of worm culture and a great deal of well researched information about all the various worm species, how to deal with pests and much, much more.

And in the unlikely event that  everything is “old hat” to you – well, then have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge and writing a book or an ebook about your experiences in worm farming yourself? There are very few really useful books on this topic and there is plenty of space for any aspiring writer who is enthusiastic about vermiculture to create his/her own special niche, by supplying specialised information to a rapidly growing number of hobbyists. We would like to ecourage you to do this. A well written book,  (especially in  handbook  form), would be an almost certain success. If you need help, there are a number of useful information sites and informative books, explaining  how to get your book or ebook published. Furthermore we would really like to encourage all potential authors to write something for our Vermiculture Blog – Why not get in some good practice, with us, before you go for your first Pulitzer?

Anyway, wherever you are coming from, we hope that you will enjoy this site and find something really useful for your future worm farming in it. Enjoy!