Worming with Kelp: Day 126 – WE FAILED


DAY 1: Sunday May 11

DAY15: Sunday May 25

DAY22: Sunday June 1

DAY29: Sunday June 8

DAY 43: Sunday June 22

DAY126: Sunday June 22 – ADMISSION of FAILURE

Cape Town:  Sunday 14th September

Nearly all the worms in both bins have died and the few remainng look sluggish and unwell. I have to admit that the experiment has been  an absolute failure and I have decisively disproved my own theory by clearly demonstrating that worms and kelp do not go well together.

  • I now believe that  raw kelp is not suited to be combined with worm farming. However, for those living near the coast, kelp will always remain a very useful, free and easily collected resource, that is of great nutritional value for your garden plants and is moreover an important provider of  trace elements for promoting rapid healthy plant growth. Just keep the composting processes  separate and then you can always combine the  mature kelp and worm products later, when ready for planting or mulching. 

Although disappointing, it has been an interesting experiment, but I would not advise anyone to repeat it – you will be wasting your time.



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  1. AB

    Did you ever try it with pre-composted kelp?

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