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I’m beginning to think that a Working Worms Forum  would be of more use than the current blog – which is a bit one sided – Is there any interest?



  1. Greg Jackson


    I must admit that if you made it a forum, I’d never see it. I’m a beekeeper, gardener and hobby farmer (sheep, chickens, turkeys) and am interested in vermiculture, but don’t have time to pursue it. As it stands now, I get Working Worms as a feed to my own blog page which I check every few days. That makes it easy for me to see new information and updates.


  2. Steve

    Thanks Greg,

    I was not thinking of a Forum instead of the blog – but in addition to it. We need more stimulation /news that a forum could provide – I could also copy across interesting material from the forum to the blog as well – otherwise the blog tends to become something of a monologue. I find that the comments from others are not very forthcoming on the blog – the forum gives “ownership to whoever starts a new post – and the follow up comments are more visible, so I hope for more participation.

    By the way – what are your blog details? I’d like to take look.



  3. Greg Jackson


    My blog is http://www.pastpossessive.blogspot.com. It’s not an agriculture blog (mostly!). I’m an archivist and historian and I usually write about humorous happenings (or make-believe happenings) in my profession. Glad to hear you’re not doing away with the blog.


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