Where Can I Find Black Soldier Fly Larvae ?

Do you know where I can get some Black Soldier Fly larvae?
Do you have any I can take off you or buy from you?
I need them for my pet reptile.
Many Thanks, Neill


  1. Steve Coe

    Does anyone know if Black Soldier Fly are found in South Africa?

  2. mario

    Hi if someone in south africa can help me with black soldier fly s pleas I need some. 082 772 3185. Or mariovwyk@hotmail.com

  3. Johannes

    Hey Steve!
    Have you found any BSF in south africa,, im in limpopo and am in despirate need of some!
    If anyone in SA have some please contact me


  4. John


    I understand that you are looking for BSF grubs. Perhaps I can be of help?

    I am studying BSF grubs used for waste reduction in combination with red wrigglers. Yes they exist in South Africa and I have managed to attract them in locations all over Gauteng.

    Drop me a line directly and I will have some of the grubs delivered to you.

    • Agboola Alli

      I need black soldier fly eggs and I don’t mind paying its for it if its not too expensive.

    • armand

      Hi John
      Im very interested in BSF farming .is it possible to send me your details so we can make contact .


    • Macdonald

      hello John , may you please kindly sell me some grub of larvae for BSF. I am an African catfish farmer and I really need to breed BSF feed my fish.

      081 360 4418

      072 236 8754

      254 Nederveen Street, Londale, Germiston, Gauteng

    • Molate

      I am in need of bsf I am in Gauteng

  5. benjamin


    i need to find some black soldier flies in gauteng, can anyone help?

    thanks Ben.

  6. Chantal

    Can anyone tell me where to get BSF Larvae in Gauteng.
    Really appreciate any info.


    I am very keen to experiment with BSF.I am involved with AFRICA FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY(WE ARE CHANGING OUR NAME TO HUNGER CORPS INTERNATIONAL)We are active in several African countries where we are teaching people to make a profit and to become self sustaining.We are teaching people about Moringa trees,Tilapia,Caaatfish etc and as you know the need is great and the resources very limited hence the interest in BSF.I live in Gauteng Centurion( Eldoraigne)Do you know where I can find a
    BSF farmer/supplier in Gauteng

    • Agboola Alli

      Please inform us when you do get your hands on bsf

  8. Russel Luyt

    Hi, i`m in Cape Town and want to know where i can get the Black Soldier Fly.We are wanting to do a trail run on our waste foodstuffs. Can anyone assist.
    Regards Russel.

  9. Leonard

    I need to find some black soldier flies in gauteng, can anyone help?
    thanks. I don’t mind if i have to pay for them.

  10. millie oosthuizen

    Hi JOHN – we are based in Knysna and would love to get hold of some bfs larvae to start a colony to add to our aquaculture system. We would be grateful if you could contact us, because i don’t know how to find your contact details on this blog. Millie 083 578 7658 or Lollie 076 319 2237. We would love to chat about what you do and also show you our setup if you are in the area. Kind regards, Millie and Lollie

  11. Kenneth

    Hi John
    I am in CT and also looking for some B’S larva. Could you please help?

  12. Dorain

    Hi. I’m the owner of Creepy Crawler Feeders. I sell bsf larvae and breeding units for them. Contact me should you need. Email or call 0734222420 or ceo@creepycrawlerfeeders.co.za

  13. Dorain

    I also have a book that jason drew wrote called: the story of the fly and how it could save the world. Its a must read for anyone into bsf or saving the plannet. This book is selling for R140. If you purchase it with a bsf breeding unit its only R120 for the book. Regards. CCF owner. Dorain

  14. Gervas


    I have started black soldier fly farming and am based in KZN (0683539730)

  15. Pelane

    Hi I’m in polokwane and I’m looking for live bsfl. Anyone who can help pls. 0795579595

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